Dusk: Arena of Shadows is a 2-6 player arena combat game that uses large scale miniatures and deck construction to create a MOBA experience on the table top.

There are many games that share some elements of Dusk’s game play, but we felt we were never fully able to find what we wanted to see on the tabletop in an arena combat game.

We wanted to feel like our champions - which we call ‘Phantoms’ - were special and awe inspiring, so we set out to make the biggest and best miniatures we could. Something worthy of display and that you could feel a connection with.  

We wanted to compose a system where the strategy in how I play a Phantom could end up entirely different than my friend, yet still be equally viable. A system that encourages players to find the builds that fit them and felt personal, less about flavor-of-the-month. So we spent a year of design and testing to create a multitude of skills and weapons to mix and match. To this day, our players are still surprising us with some of the brutal and quirky Phantoms they build.

Most of all… we wanted to make a game we wanted to play. Something we could be truly passionate about. A game we could share with others. A game where laughter would flow and competition would thrive.

It was an ambitious goal, but amazingly we've somehow managed to come up with something that we think feels pretty special. And we can't wait to share it with everyone.

Thank you for being a part of this journey… and may the best deck win.

We've decided to put the entire game rules up for download.

You can grab them below.